Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Wolverine & the X-Men #7


The casino heist is a bit rushed here but the lack of exposition is made up for with banter and action sequences by Bradshaw that warms the title. He surpasses my expectations. This arc, while left-field, threw me for a loop as it seemed forced but still, protruded a sense of fun. I got acclimatized to Bradshaw’s art and he kept the pace intact to match Aaron’s grit. It’s a lusty issue this but I was thrown off by QQ using a method and procedure a la Green Lantern and Psylocke with his powers and mirroring existent heroes turned me off. Aaron slightly felt off on this seed but the plot thickened well with the Broo arc and the Kitty dynamic.
Things heat up with Bobby and Gladiator’s bodyguard freshening faces a bit yet Rachel seems such an underused component. While Aaron seemed to miss the mark a bit with the Broo hunter, it was endearing to see Broo’s innocence and naivety have instilled a deeper, darker secret. It means that he’s actually Brood. Not bad. It’s hard to keep this dynamic up as it feels like Avengers Academy meets Young X-Men. With AvX looming, I eagerly await Aaron’s next move on the chess board and anticipating his pawns shifting isn’t too shabby given that he rarely lets me down (7/10)

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