Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the Cover: Amnda Conner

Irish American Amanda Conner began her career doing interiors for Archie, and has developed into an outstanding artist. Conner, the wife of top comics scribe Jimmy Palmiotti, has a quirky, comedic style. While all her figures tend to be proportionally correct, their is a real sense of stylisation, largley due to the whimsical nature of her illustrations. Check out some of her work after the jump!

The facial expressions make this cover. It's hard not smile.
45_GIRL_COMICS_1AmbushBug 3

The warriors for in a chorus line is just about the most ridiculous thing I've heard of. That's why this works so well.
Avengers Academy 13Avengers_Academy_Vol_1_3_Women_of_Marvel_VariantBlack CatBW_SILK-SPECTRE_1_Cvr

While the characters take centre stage, it is the intricate rose pool they are standing on that is the champion of this cover.
Green Arrow Black Canary Wedding Special

This is a parody of one of the most parodied cover in comics, but remains fresh here.
Journy into Mystery 632MYSTIC004_COVpower_girl_07Power_Girl_Vol_2_12pro_cover_newprintingsupergirl 58Two stepWarriors_Three_2

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