Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Angel and Faith #8

I feel that this arc had gone on a little bit long. It started out great but I just felt a little stretched out reading this issue. It's probably just me, but I felt that the things that Faith's dad had to say was already established in a previous issue. Still though, like the developments that occurred near the end. Will there be more to this? I think so. Will the subplot involving Drusilla end? I hope so. I really like this series to move on..move forward to greater story beats like Angel's attempt to resurrect Giles, and the runaway slayer with survivor's guilt issues.

Gage is one of my favorite writers but with this book, I would rate him average at best. It almost feels like his writing for the trade. I want the stories to be paced much faster.
Art wise though, no complaints. Isaac's is the brightest spot on this book. And I mean that literally too. She jives well with the colorist. The art Is great to look at. So vivid and bright and clean. 

The comic is not bad, not so good either. Just there in the middle. It started our really well but somehow, I just feel that it got stuck somewhere along the way. Although, with my faith on Mr Gage's name alone, I think were in for some slam bang finish next issue.

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