Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Alpha Girl #2

Everyone should try out a comic like “Alpha Girl” to me this is a comic that pushes my limits and I really think that it is important for people to consider and test their bounds when reading comics or books in general. You may not like everything you try out but you will find more stories you can connect with in different ways. I’m glad that I decided to read “Alpha Girl” because it’s a fun expressive story with just the right amount of offensive humor.

This issue of Alpha girl was enjoyable I’m still thrown of a little by the crude nature of the young protagonist but its fun to watch her in her world, offensive as it may be. The story is pretty simple and furthers her connection with the lab who created the “Zombie Rage Women” it seems that their practices are less than ethical and I think “Alpha Girl” is going to do something about it very soon. Now the writing and content in this story is certainly not for the faint of heart and the series in general should be taken with caution but if you can get past the crudeness or even enjoy it I think this comic is gearing up to tell a very interesting story.

The art is what initially drew me to this book I find the style charming and the juxtaposition with the less than reserved writing style and story content makes for a very intriguing book. “Alpha Girl” will stand out from other creator owned comics because I believe both the artist and the writer have really graphic outstanding takes on this story and the combination does work well together leaving a bold, offensive but enjoyable read.

As I said before this story is clearly not for everyone and I think this one is best suited for adults. “Alpha Girl” is a comic that takes risks and makes no apologies for what it is which is commendable in today’s markets of conformity and copy cat practices. I would suggest that you try the first two issues of “Alpha Girl” out you will defiantly be surprised.

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