Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Hell Yeah #1

Last of the Greats meets Luthor Strode meets Kick-Ass. That’s what I thought this book was. It kinda is. Then it kinda ain’t. It’s about Ben, a kid in a new-world order where superheroes changed and evolved the world. This revolution is linked to Ben’s family and it’s quite bogged down with mystery. Ben himself is an enigma as he’s vastly different and unexplained. In other words, there are a lot of clichés here. Also, include the best friend who loves you but you don’t realize it. It’s complicated why they shroud this book in mystery when I feel it would have worked better to be straightforward as to what’s Ben’s deal and his family motives.

I’d also like off-the-bat to see his family’s link with this new world being set up. Joe Keatinge I felt held back too much info for the second issue and threw me for a loop with a Grant Morrison-esque final page. Heck…it even has loads of Hickman at the end, and not to mention, the story has nothing to do with the title of this book. Andre Szymanowicz is fluent an artist here with that nice shade of teen patronage and gawky adolescence that builds the sheer determination and perseverance associated with Image titles. It’s well-drawn but still, story-wise , I’m not totally sold. (6/10)

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