Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp is brave, JH Williams III makes me covetous, Bryan Lee O'Malley revisits the past, Mike Mignola goes classic, Peter David rants, Skottie Young wants brains, Templesmith rides the tentacles, Neil Gaiman writes about writing, I play favourites with Chrissie Zullo, Becky Cloonan and Phil Noto get in touch with their inner romantic, Grey and Palmiotti go creator owned and Ryan Ottley pays homage to PITT.

This week’s Dan Hipp:

JH Williams III puts up my Favourite page of his for sale. Anyone wanna buy it for me?

Terry Moore was nominated for some Ghastlys:
Sounds like a posh Brit on BBC, doesn’t it? “Oh dear, I’ve been nominated for some ghastly awards.” But that’s the name of them, The Ghastly Awards, celebrating the ghoulish accomplishments in fiction. They are new, and it’s an honor to be nominated right out the gate by them. I’m nominated for two categories, Best Inker and, of all things, Best Letterer. I’ve never received a nod for lettering before. See, you live long enough and eventually one of everything happens, sometimes twice.

Bryan Lee O’Malley revisited Scott and Knives:

Mike Mignola provides the new cover for joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness:

Peter David rants about the state of Journalism today:

You’ve just gone live with a lurid story over how Stephen Hawking visits sex clubs.
How in God’s name is this anybody’s business? I mean, part of me cringes even bringing it up because it just gives more exposure to this garbage, but I do so because I think it brings up a wider issue worth addressing.
Y’know, years ago–before any and all sense of privacy and decorum was crushed into non-existence–if this crap had crossed the desk of any responsible news editor, he would have taken one look at it and asked a simple question: “Is this news?” And by “news,” he would have meant information that was covered by the public’s right to know.
The answer in this instance would have been an uncategorical “no.” He would have tossed it. He might even have upbraided the reporter for wasting his time with such garbage. He would have said, “This is tabloid crap.”

Remember tabloid crap? The tabloids were considered the nadir of journalism. They weren’t even seen as real newspapers. Any serious journalist wouldn’t have been caught dead writing a story that would have been front-page fodder for the likes of the National Enquirer.

Skottie Young goes Zombie with his daily sketch:

Here’s a
Templesmith daily sketch:

Neil Gaiman writes about writing:
It's a weird thing, writing.

Sometimes you can look out across what you're writing, and it's like looking out over a landscape on a glorious, clear summer's day. You can see every leaf on every tree, and hear the birdsong, and you know where you'll be going on your walk.

And that's wonderful.

Sometimes it's like driving through fog. You can't really see where you're going. You have just enough of the road in front of you to know that you're probably still on the road, and if you drive slowly and keep your headlamps lowered you'll still get where you were going.

And that's hard while you're doing it, but satisfying at the end of a day like that, where you look down and you got 1500 words that didn't exist in that order down on paper, half of what you'd get on a good day, and you drove slowly, but you drove.

And sometimes you come out of the fog into clarity, and you can see just what you're doing and where you're going, and you couldn't see or know any of that five minutes before.

And that's magic.

Chrissie Zullo had too many good artworks this week to just choose one:

Becky Cloonan is in fine form:

Justin Grey and Jimmy Palmiotti discuss their series Creator owned Heroes with Broken Frontier:
BROKEN FRONTIER: What is the concept of Creator Owned Heroes?

JIMMY PALMIOTTI: The most basic concept is a monthly book featuring mine, Steve Niles and Justin Grays characters in a revolving door kind of way- 3-4 part stories that feature wild concepts and ideas from us and showcasing some of the best art in comics. As well, we are setting up the back of the book in a magazine format to feature everything we can that has to do with creator owned properties and showcasing the things we love about comics, such as cosplay, meeting the fans, highlighting web sites, books and interviews. The first issue features a great interview with the coolest guy in and out of comics, Neil Gaiman.

We are experimenting with this book and having it hit your local stores on a monthly basis. Creator Owned Heroes is a celebration of creators pooling their efforts together and taking it out to the street. Another thing about COH is that we were getting frustrated as consumers spending their money on comic books that are 4 minute reads…the idea of spending $3-4 dollars on a 22 page action sequence that gets flipped thru in minutes is something we never want to do. Creating content beyond the initial two stories demands that the reader get involved and spend some time with us and in this day and age, I think its really important for us to make a connection to the retailer and fans.

JUSTIN GRAY: One of the things that appealed to me with comics was that you could get material in that medium unlike anything in the other mediums. What was once a very experimental art form that not only told stories with art and words, but also pushed concepts into new areas seems to be locked in a rigid set of genres. Comics were something of a forbidden fruit in that you could get mature and cultural themes presented in so many different ways.

Ryan Ottley pays tribute to PITT:

Phil Noto offers a portrait of Matt Murdock and Elektra Nachios:

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