Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: No Place Like Home #1-2

This is my favourite book of March. I love Angelo’s ghoulish yet sentimental feel while Jordan’s art is grisly yet telling as can be. They fit each other perfectly. Dee investigates the death of her parents in Kansas under duress and such dire circumstances are not bereft of mystery and intrigue. With a WIZARD OF OZ spin, I didn’t expect to see the flying monkey monstrosity emerge so early but with the other elements from the tale yet to be woven, I cannot wait to see the threads spun. What Dee literally unearths of her parents is quite a shocker and it makes you wonder whether it’s a cover-up or is it something that’s just plain unexplainable.

I didn’t ask for a conspiracy book but I got one and it’s a nice horror ride. Dee is sure to see the traumatic path much more now at the end of issue 2 and with such a fluent pace, I think the congruent creative duo here makes such wonderful a congress, it’s hard not to love what they offer. If you want mystery harpooned with fear and lampooned in a feast of eerie squalor then this is the book for you. It has you on the edge on your seat and keeps you guessing with nifty plot mechanisms. I’m sold completely (9/10)

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