Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Ragemoor #1

Ragemoor is the story of a living monolith; its current form is that of a castle. The Castle Ragemoor seems to have some holding over its inhabitants and reacts according to their actions. The story is written by Jan Strnad with art by Richard Corban.

The issue opens like old scary movies with an introduction to the origin of Ragemoor and the effects it’s having on its current owners. The writing is very creepy and the old English vernacular helps to add to the eerie effect of storytelling!

What I got from this story was unexpected and I rather enjoyed the outcome, it’s like a wild ride from start to finish which leaves the reader intrigued and interested in finding out where Jan Strnad plans to take this tale.

I found the art style quite well matched with the script and really enjoyed the expressions and movement between panels! Corban has done a great job pulling the reader in with the first few panels. The lighting is perfect and adds to the creepy tale. I think many people adhere to black and white comics because they feel they are missing something that a colored comic has but I would present them this as a prime example of how lack of color can add to the effect of storytelling and give it depth.

As a first issue I would say that Ragemoor #1 did its job, I felt engaged and fascinated. I am quite interested in seeing just what this creative team has planned for the next few issues as this one alone felt like a complete story with a defined start and finish! I know this style of writing and art may not be for everyone on the surface but if you give Ragemoor a try it will defiantly surprise you.

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