Saturday, March 17, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Saucer Country #1, luther Strode #6, Kick-Ass 2 #7, Avengers #24

Saucer Country # 1 –

Cornell sculpts a psychological thriller here that had me jumping from abortion to psychosis to drugs to depression, when it came to analyzing the cusp plot of this issue. Not once did aliens seem to hover in mind and while the story isn’t as coherent as I thought it could have been , while the only real character development we get is the main political candidate and not the other equally intriguing foils in the book, Cornell wraps over the Brit hogwash with a strict, sturdy and keenly robust analysis of the American political system.
It’s a good overview to see the minf—k melded in with the political doctrines here and it isn’t so much American politics as it is world politics. That said, there’s no need to rehash the beliefs and precepts of the political wave, because Cornell missed the chance to ingrain a sci-fi seed or two that could have me blabbering great things for the upcoming issue. Instead, we get a quandary of a final page and it’s a bit tossed out there as we don’t get that sci-fi/fantasy build-up throughout the issue. The throughput is a mental puzzle, filled with tension, political angst and drama. Holding his hand on any real, possessive alien threat was not too smart an idea here. The severity is underwashed by the final cliffhanger. It lacks punch and gusto. Cornell pulled a few punches and played it safe. However, Ryan Kelly’s art is pristine and completely outshines his previous work…that’s a huge plus for me and it helped me give the second issue a chance. (6/10)

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #6 –
Mix-in Kick-Ass and its glory in gore…and throw in that Herculean tragedy where a hero is manipulated into killing everyone he loves, directly or indirectly, and this title is what you’d get. Luther brawls and brawls as he discovers the secret which he craved ends up being his downfall and literally, the end of life as he knows it. The blood-fest here makes Kick-Ass seem mundane at times, but somehow, I think I wanted more succinct an ending than this. It was predicatable but still left enough loose plot threads for the future…which clearly will be redemption. Like I said, it’s a Herculean rip-off but much more faceted to the comic book geek. It isn’t a bad idea but I didn’t think Justin Jordan expounded the potential of this book fully. The latter issues meandered a bit and strayed into gory ground and reminded me too much of what Kick-Ass was. A great fun, spunky story that gave me a soft spot for violence but lost the prose along the way. Traad Moore’s art is as quirky and eloquent (yes I used that word) as ever when he draped elegance and grace in violent sequences and that’s no easy task. It’s a great feat to see such wondrous art when I get bogged down by lack of a finale. But rest assured there’s more Luther to come in 2012 and I’ll be all in. (6.5/10)
Kick-Ass #7 vol 2 –
Again, you cannot refrain or frown from the violence of gore here but I felt it a bit toned down. It shocked me but then again, maybe too much blood at times…is just that…too much. I was a bit unperturbed by Hit-Girl’s dalliances in her big fight with the Russian as it seemed vastly an underperformance by her but she stole the rest of the issue. It wasn’t that hard to do given that Dave and Red Mist once again petered out after much hype and I don’t think Millar should be continuing their rivalry. It’s off-key and run afoul way too long and too much. With a nice twist into the fate of Mindy and her stepdad, especially given that there’s a certain dislikeable cop gunning for all heroes (the anti-Jim Gordon), I shuddered when I saw how underwhelming Dave/Red Mist panned out. It seemed that this book keeps panhandling for readers and after vol 1, and my intense following, I can’t jump on the Dave train anymore. However, a Hit-Girl solo and a link from how KA2 ended does make her more attractive a read for the future. Let me give rare praise to Romita’s art and the colors here…quite attractive. That’s not something you hear from me much on this artist. (6/10)
Avengers #24 –
Acuna’s art proved readable and not his best, yet not his worst. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the trial and error process that Norman took when he became the Super-Adaptoid. He defeated himself with this stupid Rogue-antic. It’s such a bastard plot thread I couldn’t help flip the pages to the end. I don’t know where Bendis was going with this but HAMMER/Osborn proved utterly emphatic a fail here. The Dark Avengers thread was decommissioned last issue in one panel by Skaar and his betrayal of that team…not touched here in this issue. I guess I’ll wait for the NA issue but still, it’s such a cop-out. HYDRA has risen and politics of Cap/Obama/the public aside, this seems one of Bendis’ worst issues. I don’t know why he went this route as it proved illogical and insensible but the way he just dropped the rise of HYDRA again means more Jess Drew and more OMG SMH moments. I cannot wait for Ultron Wars and AvX to wash this plight away…or should I say blight? I scold, chastise, castigate and reprimand Bendis here. It’s terrible a read (2/10)

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