Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Peanuts #3

There is nothing that can lift your spirits or put a smile on your face like a visit with Charlie Brown and his group of friends. I know throughout my childhood I always found comfort knowing that even as things may change as we grow that the Peanuts gang would always be the same hysterical group they have always been. I haven’t really tried out the comics up until this point but I’m rather happy I did.

The characters are still there playing the ways we’re used to Lucy is bossy as ever while her brother Linus is timid but of strong will and poor

Charlie Brown still hasn’t caught a break! The issue is delightful and has many great comics inside my favorites being “Fast n’ Furrious” with Linus boldly challenging Snoopy and the charming addition of “How to Draw Lucy Van Pelt” while Shane Houghton does a good job it’s Vicki Scott’s stories that I enjoyed the most.

The art is great and it feels like the “Peanuts” comic strips I read as a child which is great! There are times to make daring bold moves with comic art and I think Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are better left in their original forms. All the artists in this issue understand that and represent their stories with great respect towards Charles M. Shulz.

This issue was a joy to read and I really would suggest it for all ages! The Peanuts gang and their stories really are a section of comic history and I’m truly happy to see their adventures continued. The addition of new tales mixed with reprinting of Charles M. Shulz’s classic stories make for a great value I would highly suggest picking this up and sharing these comics with your friends and your family.

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