Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: BPRD Hell On Earth - The Pickens County Horror #1

Another month, another BPRD mini series. I am really enjoying the frequency in which these minis have been coming out lately. It used to seem like there was a month in between mini series, and now I don't think there is any break between minis and it keeps the momentum going. Check out a showcase of his work after the jump!

This month we get the start of a fog filled, fungus infecting, vampire story.

Two BPRD agents are dispatched to South Carolina to investigate this fog and some disappearances. There is some great bits of dialogue as the two agents discuss some case histories that tie back into the larger BPRD/Hellboy mythos. As I mentioned earlier there are some vampires, who as of right now don't seem so bad. But that could all change at the drop of a hat. They are vampires after all.

The art and the writing are as strong as you would expect them to be. Jason Latour's art is expressive, and moody. His style is a perfect fit in the BPRD universe. There is a great creepy scene in the fog that is done wonderfully by Latour and is a prime example of how good his storytelling ability is. That was my favorite scene in the whole issue. Scott Allie and Mike Mignola are writing another really entertaining mini that I am sure will excite fans of Hellboy and the BPRD. You should be checking this out.

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