Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Uncanny X-Force #19.1

Remender gets it right even here. Tan on art is something I like so I really grew fond with each page. Seeing the AoA universe torn apart into dystopian agony works when Remender paints the disaster and calamity of the people. It's war torn between humanity, faith, religion and the impending mutant threat. Throw in some cosmic powers, some altruistic and virtuous deaths, a hellbent villain with only gore as his aim, and a plot thread that steals from House of M with some intrepid stealth and conniving brilliance.

There's severe trepidation that a betrayal would occur or something dastardly brutal and hard-hitting to the heroic renaissance...cue the final page...and it's a cool moment that works in the AoA side of brightness. I wasn't too receptive of Lapham's one-shot but with De la Torre or Ramos under his wing, I think (after reading his STRAIN book), he'd do pretty well here with a cast that dove into murky water...unadvised. I see the use of Weapon-X as a villain being something to look forward to, with the intentions of seeing people butchered and massacred...whether human or mutant. This issue showed that all cards are on the table, fully expendable with everything up for grabs.

The pivotal role of a certain witch here turns the hinges and knobs on the door to the point of breaking as the final page shows heroes vying in no-man's-land...and I can't wait to see what Lapham is conjuring. (9/10)

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