Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #2

In my previous review of a Star Wars, I revealed my love for the Star Wars expanded universe.   And moving on to this comic, I am very happy to be treated with more!  This is a whole new take on the Star Wars mythos.  It’s fresh.  It’s exciting.  It’s new.  A secret agent, Agent Cross is the Star Wars Universe's answer to James Bond.  Its a detective story in a mission impossible type setting in the Lucasverse.  If I had any say in this comics production, I would name it:  Star Wars: Noir.  That’s exactly the word...the perfect word that I would use to describe this comic.  When I saw the name of the writer, I wasn’t really surprised why I enjoyed it so much.  John Ostrander.  You wouldn’t go wrong with his name in a story like this.  Down and dirty/ gritty is his specialty. 

The art is also very well done.  Stephanie Roux has very clean lines that are free flowing.  Not really hard to follow and is very pleasing to the eyes.  Probably, my one beef with this story is the name of the family that Cross is investigating; Stark; who supposedly is involved in the illegal trade of droids, armors and weapons in the black market, might be a liiiiiiiiitle too familiar with a certain Golden Avenger who is also a favorite of mine.  And I also love how Cross is willing to.. uh, cross any boundaries when it comes to his investigation...you'll see what I mean when you read this issue.  All in all, a very solid comic that is worth your $3.50.  I'd say pick it up. Especially if your a Star Wars fan and you want a little something different from what you are used to.

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