Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On the Cover: Marcos Martin

asm spidey
Marcos Martin's clean lines, evocative design and striking composition has earned him respect as both a cover artist and an interior artist. Wowing people with his Batgirl: Year One art, the Spanish superstar has rapidly become one of the most well respected artists in the business. He knows how to draw the eye to a focal point and has a strong eye for design. Check out some of his cover work after the jump!

Martin's work on Amazing Spiderman was bright, fun and clever. I love the spiral/window design in the cover below, with Uncle Ben being the central focal point. It's a very clever way to draw the eye.
asm marcos martin amazing 655asm spidey-preview-cover

The Lichtenstein inspired painting reaching out to grab Spidey evokes a real sense of menace, and Spidey's pose is so dynamic, it just pops of the page.

Want to evoke feelings of isolation, hopelessness and despair? Here's how.

The concept behind this cover is amazing - almost Dave Johnson-esque. It took me a few glances to realise the city is just an array of smoking guns.

Here, Martin uses windows again, this time in a sort of Mondrian way, with coloured squares. The menacing eyes are the focal point here, tying all the elements together.
Runaways V2 017 page 00Runaways V2 016 page 01

Molly's silhouette and the unusual angle of the sign make this cover visually striking. The red of Molly's hat is juxtaposed beautifully by the silhouetted figure.

These 70th Anniversary special covers have such a great period design about them, serving the purpose of the comics themselves.
allselect01timely All_Winners_Comics_70th_Anniversary_Special_Vol_1_1_Martin_Varianttimely All-Select-Comics-70th-Ann.-Spcl-pg--01a-Marcos-Martin-Varianttimely captain-timely-02

Some of Martin's first work, these Batgirl: Year One covers are really well designed. The cover below is striking, and the proportions and perspective of the figure are not compromised by the design.

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