Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Superbia #4

So here we come to the end of the mini-series or the first act if you will.  This issue was perfect in that it solved some issues, created more and continually evolved the characters and their situations.  This book was intended to be about those, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends and children of super-heroes and while they take center stage.  Grace has managed to make this “Housewives of the Super-Heroes” every bit as charming, gossipy, dramatic and downright addictive as any of the shows it seems to be modeled after.  Russell’s art just makes the book that much more perfect too.

  He has a wonderful handle on each character and their facial expressions speak volumes he is a rising star in this industry!
I look forward to the next chapter coming as soon as possible and the news was good that this series would become a monthly so here’s hoping the transition time isn’t a long one.
After the beginning of this issue I really believed that Mike would pull through and become the hero that he is.  Though this does make things more interesting in some aspects chief among them Eve’s determination is magnified.
I’m not sure how I like the love triangle right now.  I do get it however married dabbling in his bi-sexual desire still loves his wife and all that.  I’ve been in that situation before when you care about some taken in that situation and well things get awkward but I am terribly impressed with how frank, stark, and honest Grace has managed to make it.
I love the kids!  Eli shows everyone what he can do when mom goes ballistic after her near death experience and tries to force her daughter into fighting.  Poor Eli though his mom considers him an abomination, she is an Amazon type where women rule and men are for breeding only.  Zari wants training in defending her like Eli does and me forsee him helping in training her behind their parents backs.
Yes I love this series and I really hope that we don’t wait long for the next issue so we can continue to see the lives, loves and loss of this group.  Plus now that Eve has put her think tank together sans Ruth, does she suspect something, the stage has really been set for this to take off.  If you haven’t been following this then get on board now because once this catches fire there will be no stopping it!

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