Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Fanboys Vs Zombies #3

OH my stars and garters yes this is one of the funnest (yes I know technically that isn’t a word, but it fits) books on the market right now.  I mean what would happen to you at San Diego Comic Con if a zombie apocalypse started?  Would you survive (this isn’t the chiller network though that looks like fun), get eaten quickly or sacrifice yourself so others might live? 
I would say you’d never know but real life seems to be mimicking art these days with “zombie” attacks in Florida and Maryland so who knows

maybe we’ll actually have the chance to find out.
What I absolutely loved about this issue was the fact that it was the women who ended up taking over.  They turned out to the be the strong level headed ones that came up with a plan, executed it and kept them alive, well for the most part.  Oh my goodness the fight scenes are fantastic but the Mecha?! Yeah that steals the book, and so does it's driver, for me!
Sam Humphries is telling one hell of a wicked fun story here.  The dialogue is utterly fantastic and the pacing and plot advancement are really on point.  I think the interaction the characters are having with each other are realistic and are things that would definitely happen in such a stressful situation.  The feelings that coming to the surface as well certain cowardice’s are making for good story telling
Add to the mix that these zombies seem to be learning old or remembered behaviour and I like the direction its heading.  I mean seriously they are standing in line for autographs taking pictures with people in costumes and one must tweet.  Oh my goodness yeah Sam this is truly wonderful fun! 
It wouldn’t be as much fun if it weren’t for Jerry and Nolan either.  They are managing to visually tell the story in a way I wasn’t expecting.  They seem to have captured the tongue in cheek fun that this meant to have while still making the zombies look pretty gross.
I can’t wait to learn more about this darn energy drink.  It seems to be the cause of what is happening as well halting the infection if poured directly into the wound, halting or delaying notice I didn’t say curing! 
This book gets a five star rating from me and I’m sad I have to wait a month for the next instalment.

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