Thursday, June 7, 2012

On the Cover: Jose Ladronn

Mexican born artist Jose Ladronn Is an Eisner award winning artist probably best known for his 3 year stint doing interior work on Cable. He is a talented visual storyteller, as evident by his rather expressive covers. Ladronn has a great talent for previewing a story with a cover, so that the reader knows exactly what to expect once they open up the book. Check out a showcase of his covers after the jump!

With Ladronn's current work on All Star Western, he has adopted a soft painted style that matches the tone of the book. It really has a great classic western comic look.
all star western 5all star western 6ALL-STAR_WESTERN_4All-Star-Western_7-682x1024All-Star-Western_8-682x1024Batman_Battle_for_the_Cowl_The_Undergroundboo_cook_EM15cover_revisedgabc_cv22Green_Arrow_Black_Canary_28SMASH

Ladronn's work on the Spirit is so full of character. He fit's so much story onto one page, it's uncanny.
Spirit 1 by Jose Ladronnspirit_3_02spirit_4

The below cover is one of my all time favourites. It's so emotive, and tell's such a wonderful story.

The decision to not show the head of the femme fatale was artistically brilliant - it gives her so much power.

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