Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Buffy Season 9 #10

Since Buffy’s days at Sunnydale the stories haven’t really felt that much like our old slayer! The use of metaphor was gone and the book was on a more militaristic turn. Now that wasn’t a bad thing, keeping a story fresh is important and it was still Buffy, but I’ve really enjoyed the “back to basics” approach we’ve seen in season 9.

This issue is the end of the second story arc in Buffy season 9 “C:\> apart (of_me)”,

which has been one of my favorite Buffy stories in a long time, the writing is fresh and the plot is hilariously engaging. These are stories that may not have worked well with the show, but really fit well within the pages of a comic. Scott Allie and Andrew Chambliss, really get these characters and in a Buffy book, thats whats important! No matter how crazy the plot gets if our characters are written right they can be a grounding support! Which makes for the entire story to be believable and enjoyable.

The art for this series has been great, this issue Owens has done a great job capturing the characters and their expressions! The colors are beautifully done and keep with the BtVS feel. I think the artistic team on this book is often one of the best in the business and to have Phil Noto, one of my favorite artists, on the covers is an amazing treat! This entire issue was completely enjoyable and a large part of that was because of the artwork.

As this story arc draws to a close, we are left with a lot more to look forward to! Buffy has just started on this new adventure and I for one am in for the ride, Season 9 started out perfectly and this second story line was just as enjoyable! The art is fantastic and the script feels like classic Buffy, if you were a fan don’t miss out on “C:\> apart (of_me)” part 3.

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