Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Dracula: New World Order #1

Sometimes I really love doing what I do, and that occasionally is reviewing comic books.  Yeah I know occasionally really means daily but hey when one of those perks happens to be a surprise email with a new book by a creator I’m all for it.  More so since Ian manages to do something new with something old and yes he’s borrowed things from others and there is nothing to be blue about here.  (Cheesy but hey I followed gut with the marriage reference)

This is kind of like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets Dracula or more accurately Dracula’s son.  I wonder though how a vampire even one such as Dracula can sire a child.  We see in the second chapter that the Count takes him and raises him when after his mother dies in 1897.  His body stops aging as the age his mother was when she bore him, which is twenty two.
He frees a man to help with his goal, kill his father.  A man he helped capture and had to watch as his lover died.  The two strike an uneasy alliance and off they go.  Vincent isn’t a happy with the Prince but hey a little tension goes a long way if you ask me.  They happen upon and experiment in progress and Vince wants to stop it but the Prince makes them wait until Mai is turned from a human into a lizard woman.  She is given the choice to kill her maker and deliver justice of her own should she desire.
There really shouldn’t be any kind of surprise when I say she kills him.
The next stop is to find the Frankenstein monster.  Though while there trying to talk to the monster Dracula himself emerges from the monsters head after blowing it up from the inside.  Pretty darn gross if you ask me not that it shouldn’t have been but I will say I appreciated not having a lot of gore in this book.  So now the stage is set for father vs. son and something definitely worth looking forward too.
I was surprised at how nice and easy the flow of this story is.  It is extremely well thought out, pacing is incredible and the plot well it is a Dracula tale of desire, revenge, hatred and bloodlust so yeah good stuff.  Finally a modern day Dracula story that you can sink you’re teeth into, pun intended.  Plus we’ve got four chapters here done by different art teams but to be honest each team kept true to themselves and yet managed to make on hell of coherent looking book. 
I’m not sure if this will be available at any conventions so here is where you can go to order yourself and trust me you really should this really is a very pleasant surprise and just a damn fun read so far.  Here’s hoping the next installment is out sooner rather than later.

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