Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Voltron...

by Steven Leitman

Voltron #6
Dynamite Entertainment 2012
Written by Brandon Thomas
Illustrated by Ariel Padilla
Coloured by Marcelo Pinto

There is one thing about this that hits you pretty much right away it’s like a Saturday morning cartoon on paper. It has that feel to it that I used to get watching the show after school. It’s a pretty special thing when you capture the magic that made it so successful in a different medium so bravo.

For a first time reader of the series I probably picked the wrong issue to start with, so I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t new reader friendly yet. Usually the beginning of story arcs are the best time to pick a book up. However I’m reasonably intelligent and should be able to understand what is happening.

Lies, betrayal and a thirst for revenge that seems to be the story for today and alas no sign of Voltron. Just pretty spectacular characterization of those beings who we see and an unexpected twist to the proceedings.

I love the twist too it was cool to have that sprung on us this way. As Zarkon, the evil King, tells his story we learn that he isn’t the man everyone thought he was. Oh the drama that has occurred here is simply wonderful. We also get such an in depth look into him as a character, person, father and victim that you feel almost sorry for him.

I really didn’t think the issue was going to end the way it did either. I thought for sure things would have ended differently and then to learn the identity of the mysterious stranger was another monkey wrench thrown into the pot.

Who knew that the writing here was going to be this darn good, complex and layered in ways that shouldn’t exist and yet they do right here. All this and we barely see any of the kids who have lions only in the beginning as we learn that last issue the bad guy escaped.

I don’t know what I’ve been missing but I think it’s high time I went back and found the first five issues to discover what this is all about. Unexpected pleasure from a childhood memory what more could a fanboy possibly ask for?

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