Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Eternal Descent vol.2 #5

Syrian remembers that he is looking for Lyra. Lyra is unconscious after taking a beating last issue. She wakes up to find that an old friend is among those who attacked her. So then we have the obligatory hate on hate thing but no girl fight really. Surprisingly however the dialogue here is beyond clever, between the two women its fun, witty, intelligent and down right entertaining.

While those of you who haven’t taken the time t read this let me say that while the characters are all based upon Metal musicians the theme is one of good vs. evil in the form of Angels and Demons. Throw in some magical guitars, a fallen angel trying to save the soul of a good demon and we’ve got all the makings for a “B” movie right. Wrong this is a first class read folks.

Llexi has been able to tell his story his way and this is vol.2 of the series so the first one has to have been somewhat successful right. If not I’ve been talking about this all the wrong way since the beginning, seriously though I’m a fan of this series. We get solid story telling an introduction to bands and those in them whom I would never have heard of before and we’re entertained. He’s created a brand in Eternal Descent that transcends the genre and encompasses so much more.

The art in this series has really been top notch as well. The demons are somewhat creepy and yet still look human enough to make them plausible. I would like to see some a tad bit more scary and less movie demons though. Otherwise I like how everyone is portrayed visually and facial expressions and the mood of what is happening shines on the pages. The colouring here too is fantastic and that needs to be said because a good colourist can really make things pop.

IDW has been taking chances and putting out some of the best books on the market lately and this is a shining example of one of those books.

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