Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Morning Glories #19

Ty’s review:
This is the issue we’ve all been waiting for, the epic conclusion to “wood run.” This issue is by far one of the best of Morning Glories yet. The story is exciting, daring and dark. The art plays perfectly with the writing bringing the end to the most captivating story arcs of Morning Glories yet.

Spencer has taken us on quite the ride with “Wood Run” there have been old questions answered,

new questions formed, amazing character reveals and depth added to each of the Glories in a rotating character focus. I really enjoyed the flashbacks which fleshed out each character, giving us some insight into why and how each of the Morning Glories came to be at the academy. This issue is heavily focused on Hunter, my favorite character, and while he’s being chased down by Zoe we see the events that led him to be at this moment in time at this school. The issue has a really solid narrative and content wise its on point with the previous in this arc and it ends with a hell of a bang.

Eisma has captured the essence of each character perfectly, their expression and movement is down to a perfect science. I feel like its so easy to relate to these characters because of Eisma’s art. Each reveal and twist is grounded by his art which is really important with a story like Morning Glories. The issue is brutal and beautiful and I really think Eisma has been doing his best work. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again the pairing of Spencer’s script and Eisma’s art is perfection and really makes Morning Glories stand out in a way which no other series has for a very long time.

The end to “Wood Run” was all that I’ve been waiting for, better than expected. There is such a play between light and dark, past and present and the entire thing played out perfectly. Eisma and Spencer have created comic gold with Morning Glories and this has been the best of it yet. Any fan of the series shouldn’t miss out on this.

Steve’s review:
Alright so Nick’s gone and done the impossible not only has he orchestrated a highly intense issue but he’s done it with fewer words than normal leaving it to Joe to really get the images to make the impact.  Together they do it I mean wow a then and now story that has few words but plenty of action and words in such a way that provokes so much emotion from the reader is simply astounding.
Well Zoe has done the unforgivable and Hunter’s seen it.  As Hunter flees we get to see his flashback story.  It starts with his poor sick mother in the hospital wondering if he’s applied to Morning Glories Academy yet.
As we flash to Zoe chasing him I’m left to wonder at this point if she really wants to kill him or are the kids connected in such a way that they truly need one another.
Back in the hospital mom convinces him to apply to the school.
Oh my goodness the whole back and forth ploy worked so incredibly well.  This was a powerfully done story that drew the emotion from the reader as we saw the two instances where Zoe was chasing Hunter and then back to Hunter’s last moments with his mother.  This whole thing was so strong that it is almost the story that you have to see it to believe it.
Then there was the ending which you saw coming but didn’t see coming.  A fantastic twist to it and one that well really wow I mean how can that have happened?  See the whole thing was utterly spellbinding.  This series has had a long successful history in the just under two years it’s been on the stands and yet I think it hasn’t even hit its stride yet and it just keeps getting better and better.  Nick and Joe keep improving, stretching their wings and taking this book places that just shock and awe the audience.
I’m definitely looking forward to see where this is going next and hopefully seeing the end of the P.E. exercise.

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