Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Hack/Slash #16

Hot off the tails of one of the better story arcs of Hack/Slash, Cassie is back from “Monster Island” and on the hunt, but not for her typical baddies. This time Vlad and Cassie are on the lookout for Vlad’s family, they need to find them in hopes of finding a cure for Vlad’s ailments. This issue has a lot of classic Hack/Slash goodness and since the story is Vlad centric I’m pretty happy.

The story is fun and I think Jordan has done a great job, while the content isn’t overly heavy it still feels like it has substance.

Not everyone can create that balance. For the most part you know what you’re getting from a Hack/Slash comic. I feel now that the measure of a good Cassie Hack story comes from the originality of the adventure she’s on, the last was quite good. I’m really happy that the’ve decided to make a Vlad centric story arc, I love that we’re seeing his deranged family and hints of an origin, its gearing up to be a bloody good time.

I really didn’t love the art on this issue, I feel like maybe the issue was rushed. There are some really great panels and then others just feel a little off, not horrible, just not to standard. The colors are great and the design of Vlad’s family is really cool and I really can’t wait until the rest of the family tree is filled in.

This issue of Hack/Slash was a really good read with plenty of things to hold even a seasoned readers interest. I feel like the series is on a rather good stride and continues to doll out quality stories. The writing is funny and pretty standard for Cassie and her crew and if you’re a long time fan I’d say this isn’t one to miss.

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