Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Manhattan Projects... by Oliver De Guzman

As always we get a treat from the quirky mind of Jonathan Hickman. This issue have rather huge ramifications....a revelation that, while fun is kind of...questionable, if you think about it. I mean it would have worked if it was the first time it was done, but a second time? I'm thinking that Hickman may have something else planned along the same lines next week....something similar...otherwise, I would think that the revelation in this issue is pointless and done for the sake of being controversial.

Also, the more we move forward, the more it makes me think; is there actually a plan involved? Are we going in any direction? Any clear direction? The chinks in the armor are beginning to show. This issue does have a lot going for it though. Great art, a captivating enough story to capture the readers attention, humor....but still, the similarity of the revelation is quite distracting.

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