Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: Tales of the Beanworld...

By Patrick Mohlmann

 Larry Marder's Beanworld has become one of my favorite books since I discovered it a few years ago. And this collection is a fantastic addition to the series. This book is like a mini anthology for Bean World. Each story is interconnected by way of flashbacks from different characters. With Marder's simplistic but wonderful art the characters still come alive and emote wonderfully with such a small amount of line line work. His art shows that you can still be a great storyteller with out having to over render your drawing.

Most of the stories in here revolve around the Pod'lPool Cuties, the babies of Bean World. How they are goring up and how they learn to interact with each other. Beanish, the artist of Beanworld, talks to his love and muse Dreamishness, and makes toys for the Cuties, which in turn makes them interact. Which they had not been doing before. We also get some action as Mr Spook the hero of Beanworld, along with the Spear Fling'n Flank'rs ward off an imposing figure. Lastly we get hints of more cuties on the way at some point in the future.

Bean World to me, has always been about how life should be. Everyone working together, and when you need to get what is necessary like food. You get it, but you also replace what you take. Bean World is a very symbiotic place. It is also a place where imagination flourishes. And helps shape the world. Bean World is hard to describe, but easy to know. As Marder says, “Beanworld isn't a place, it's a process”

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