Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Invincible #92

I'm beginning to think that the title of this book does not only pertain to the lead character, but also to the creative team itself. 

Kirkman, Ottley and co has done it again. This book, at least for this humble reader, has not had a dull moment since....I couldn't even remember when. They consistently deliver, breaking new ground with each chapter. There's always something in the air with this title, something happening that moves the story forward. 

Even with an issue like this. An issue where we're supposed to see the lives of the characters during their "quiet" time.

I love this issue! I love how we took a break from the darker tone set in previous-recent issues and we get to shine the spotlight on the supporting cast and their private lives!

Not that the other issues have been bad, but this is a welcome respite from the viltrumite heavy installments that we've had recently. And I just love how Kirkman just left that plot line hanging in the air with the sinister viltrumites plotting anew. It reminds me of the comics from yesteryear where there were numerous dangling plot lines to make the reader excited for more.

I personally love invincible's supporting cast. I think it's as rich as batman's and or even spiderman's! I really love that personal favorite characters of mine like Robot, Monster Girl and Bulletproof gets to have their time of day. The cliffhanger ending of this story definitely left me wanting more!

Kirkman is just one solid idea machine. I guess he completes the Troika of comics's most productive writers- that of those scribes who have been around titles for a long time, with almost no sign of stopping- the other two being Geoff Johns and Brian Michael Bendis.

Ottley is perhaps one of the most underrated artist that is working today. He has been knocking it out of the park since the day he took over art duties. While I wish him more success, perhaps a stint or two with the more higher profile big two, I just wish that he never ever leaves invincible. He has made this book into his own.

Nice issue, a nice jumping on point for the new reader! I rate it 9/10!

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