Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Planetoid #1

Caught in a planets unusually strong magnetic field his plane looses all control and he’s ejected from the ship before it crashes.  What we see is a world that had technology, grand technology from the looks of things but seems to be deserted at first glance.  Though page six is both beautiful and ominous at the same time.
His suits internal computer is named Rictor. 

Okay apparently they have to the technology to create these advanced systems into normal pilot wear which is kind of impressive.  However not when you are trapped on a world that interfered with you ships electronics and kept it from working properly.
So far the two seem to have something of weird relationship.  Almost buddies or frenemies if you will, at least from the outside looking in it appears that way.  Wow there is a lot of traveling the planet sleeping inside what looks like a warehouse to get out of the toxic rain.  Some lizard like things ate his tent and he came across something like a mutant metal snake that lives in toxic sludge.  We see he’s a pretty good marksman too as he destroys the monstrosity but not before it makes him arm bleed.
Surprisingly enough there are still humanoids on the planet and one comes to his aid.  We finally learn the pilot’s name, its Silas and the old man who saved him is Mendel.  Apparently this planet was a mining operation that was run by some malicious A.I. program.  That thing that attacked Silas was infection with that malicious program.  It turns out that Colonial Government just left the humans planet side to their own devices. 
We do get Silas’ background story from growing up in a refugee camp through military training and all that jazz till he ends up here.  It’s pretty routine really no family, no real ties outside of what he does.  This isn’t terrible but to me there is nothing that stands out and grabs your attention.  There isn’t a wow factor for me here.  Or anything that shows me I should care about Silas and his predicament.
Everything here is pretty pedestrian.  I’ve seen better I’ve seen worse.  If you’re a fan of the creator, who it’s nice he does it all ensuring his story is told as he wants it to be, than you’ll pick this up if not I’d pass on it.  In this day and age you need something to really grab you right away and keep you wanting to come back.  Unfortunately this isn’t it.

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