Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Lord of the Jungle #5...

by Steven Leitman

Lord of the Jungle #5
Dynamite Entertainment 2012
Writer: Arvid Nelson
Illustrator: Roberto Castro
Colourist: Alex Guimaraes

Just out of curiosity how did Tarzan learn to use the bow and arrow? I mean while saving D’Arnot he shoots one of these ape monstrosities through the neck with an arrow and he’s seen holding a bow. So I’d really like to know who or what taught him how to shoot. Granted these hybrid, devil, apes use weapons and know who he is rather well from the looks of it but still explanations please and thank you.

I’ll say this though the whole issue could have been showing Tarzan’s resourcefulness and I would not have minded one single bit. I liked that we saw some ingenuity, thoughtfulness and such when it came to taking on bigger and stronger opponents.

Well when Lieutenant Charpentier gave the order to kill em all since they are abominations I actually felt sorry for them. No one no matter what has the right to make a species, a village, a people go extinct just because they fear it. Still in that day and age I suppose that would be a natural reaction to anyone other than a scientist.

Miss Porter’s adamant belief that Tarzan helped them and saved D’Arnot even though circumstantial evidence may say otherwise shows how she feels about him already much to Mr. Clayton’s chagrin.

At this juncture let me say that Miss Porter looks absolutely lovely, not overly sexualized or exaggerated but simply lovely. She’s a natural beauty and I have to admit that this took my breath away, the talent and skill shown to make it so.

I adore that Tarzan didn’t leave D’Arnot’s side till he was healthy and though they all left D’Arnot is still alive with him. Teaching him French so they can communicate which to me says Tarzan is a whiz with languages, or at least has a natural aptitude for them. Or it could just be because he doesn’t have the social stigmas about trying to learn as an adult as so called civilized people do.

Wow gotta love comics because suddenly it’s nine weeks later as they emerge from the jungle into civilization. During their journey Tarzan’s French is much improved. Now that D’Arnot knows he is a Greystoke he has taken the time to teach him what he can during their time together. Oh yes Jane is on her way to America which is where the pair are going to go as well.

The art is really wonderful here as D’Arnot is handsome and Tarzan is masculine and down right sexy, long hair an all. The art lends this book something of an almost magical quality to it that makes reading all the better an experience. Arvid’s interpretation of the story is wonderful as well injected with humor, drama, action and even some unexpected moments all of which conspire to draw you in and make somewhat sad that when the issue is over. The characterization is marvelous here as well and the plot advancement is really top notch. I love seeing what Arvid is doing with this classic tale while somehow also making it his own with they way he works, this is a memorable experience for me and I take this journey gladly.

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