Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: The Massive #1

What does it mean to be an environmentalist after the world’s already ended?
For Callum Isreael the mission remains: search this crumbling world for answers to the cause of the crash, and keep up the hunt for their missing ship the Massive, lost and adrift in the chaos. Okay, so basically this is and end of the world story where the world hasn’t really ended but it has been irrevocably damaged.

  The weather has gone haywire destroying much of the Earth.  Underwater landslides causing California oil rigs to explode, Massive sheets of ice break away raising the water levels, winds change course making wind power no longer feasible and storms of incredible power sinking islands and decimating populations and even fish dying by the droves all conspired to help ruin the Earth.
Callum and his crew documented much of these natural disasters.  Now they travel the seas searching for sea life, whales have disappeared, and for their sister ship the Massive. 
I have to say I liked the whole narration section that caught us up to date.  It was well done, expertly written and just damn interesting.  This part was sandwiched between what is happening now and that was done expertly as well.  Giving us a chance to get to know Callum’s crew now after they’ve been at sea for some time without spoiling who they were before.
They think they’ve found pirates so Mary goes out and takes a few guys to do a recon of the situation.  Wow Mary is pretty ruthless as she sends people from another boat to their deaths in the freezing waters.  Those with her question her motives but her main goal here is to keep the Kapital safe.
While the world was still crumbling Cal, Mary and Mag had a meeting to decide what they wanted to do.  Turns out majority rules and they thought taking their small fleet and parking them on top of the Marianas Trench was the best option.  There they would safe from Tsunami’s and far from a coast where fires and earthquakes were happening with more frequency.    Cal didn’t like this but what’s the alternative go ahead and let the military take over the ships and then they’d end up on land or in war either way they’d end up dead.
Back to the present where the Kapital still has at least one bogey closing in on them.  I like this because we get flashes of personality, glimpses of who these people are and what they are capable of in a matter of moments.
Wow this whole thing has the makings of an incredible story.  We’re given bits and pieces, just enough to actually catch the fish on the hook as it were and then reel us in hook line and sinker.  I’m a sucker for a disaster movie and that is what this feels like.  All the elements are here, a cast of characters that have secrets of their own, where no one is what they seem and are working together in a world gone mad.  Nature no longer exists and where this all leads I have no clue but thanks to Wood I want, no I need to know.

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