Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: Savage Dragon 180...

By Patrick Mohlmann

 As always Dragon is a highly entertaining read. As two major plots begin to come to a head. The invasion of earth is in full swing. Dragon's son, Malcolm Dragon and his step sister Angel race around trying to find a way to stop these seemingly unstoppable aliens. Angel has practically given up and Malcolm steps up big time in this issue. While Dragon, who is is space makes a decision that is not too popular with his people.

There is of course a lot of action and drama going on during all of this. In what is probably my favorite section of the book we get flashes all over the world of heroes, and villains, fighting these alien menaces. There are a handful of nice cameos by other Image characters. I always love how Savage Dragon has always embraced the shared universe, but with out relying too heavily on it like Marvel or DC.

I have always been a fan of Larsen's art, but with this issue he seems to have stepped up his game again. The last few issues, while good have not been the strongest artistically. Larsen really shines in this issue. Showing lots of carnage as well as the little character moments. There are even moments of levity in an issue that is almost nothing but carnage. Rex and Horridus's scene in particular cracked me up. Savage Dragon has been on a roll these last few issues, and I hope that Larsen is able to keep this momentum going as well as keep his art as good as it is in this issue.

There are bound to be a lot of shake ups from what happened towards the end of the issue. I look forward to seeing just what Larsen can do.

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