Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Force Storm #5

I really wanted to like this book. I really do. First, it's by John Ostrander. Second, the art by Jan Duursema and the rest of the team has been nothing short of amazing. 

I do not really know what the problem is, but for me, it seems to be lacking a bit of "oomph" that would make it stand as a good book. Perhaps because it was exposition heavy? Perhaps the plot  was a little too generic?

I'm sorry but I felt that delving into the origins of the Jedi had been sort of wasted a little bit as we seem to have time jumped from the initial setting of the story. I would have wanted more focus on the very distant past, find out where the force actually came from...a world where there are no Jedi and sith masters...a world where the the concept of The Force walks on very young legs.

Focusing on the characters of the comic, I'm a little bit underwhelmed too as for me, I don't really see anything special. 

I would've really been more into it, and I think this comic actually even shines if, or had it not been tied to the origins of the force and was but a standalone book by itself.

I do see that there might be more to come, I am hoping that they would be able to bounce back and wow me this time. I believe in the creative team. I really do.

If you dissect the issue, every needed element of a good book is there. Character development, redemption, peril, action. But I fear it lacks....heart. That pretty much sums up this pellet review.

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