Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: The Shadow #3

We open up with a Russian plane being shot down at the behest of Kondo, whom we met last issue. The greater good is the reason of course but the real question remains whose greater good are we talking about here?

Now the Fuhrer hasn’t accepted Japan into their alliance, after all they aren’t Aryan in nature. I wonder what changed their minds about Japan I mean really they have no place in their Aryan plan so why ally themselves with them unless they planned to betray them at some point.

Still it seems every major world power at the moment is in town to see how this supposed Death Ray works, or even if it does. America, Great Britain, Germany and Mother Russia all have agents to see take a look see at this device and kill of their opponents whom are also interested. Ah the pre war world full of espionage and intrigue you’ve got to love it!

Cranston is definitely a rapscallion in every sense of the word if he weren’t the Shadow I’d be hard pressed to like a man such as he. Which is probably why using this as a cover is so very perfect. I also have to say that though the he wasn’t supposed to be in charge, he was there purely in an advisory capacity, that he took over made the plans and set them in motion, infuriating Mister Finnegan.

Ah the Buffalo is disgusting, smelly, and obnoxious and everything else derogatory you can think of to describe him and he’s fabulously funny. The uptight General is funny around him especially when he farts lol. Oh my yes Ennis injects the perfect amount of humor into this story.

Oh my goodness a sign of the times when you could get away with calling them Krauts, or Japs I mean really it’s highly offensive in this day and age and yet back then it was the norm. I love the dichotomy of it all.

The ruse at the club works for Cranston and the Shadow goes into action once again. I really would like to know how he is able to question the dead and have them answer his questions. Ironically enough the Shadow was sent on a wild goose of sorts instead of the Nippon he shoots up a room full of Germans eliminating some of the competition for the Japanese. Clever boys this was extremely clever indeed.

I’m telling you putting this in such a time period where it was created has opened up a world of possibilities for readers. Introducing new to an era long gone and letting older readers who are familiar but didn’t experience it a chance to have a closer look. I’m going to say that so far Garth’s homework on the era was done well and it seems to be pretty close to an authentic representation of the times. Plus with enough action/adventure some intrigue, romance and the aforementioned humor we’ve got a series that is off to a strong start.

Aaron and Carlos make that start even easier with the work they are producing for this series. They are doing a phenomenal job bringing that era to life on the page. Plus violence without gore is a delightful experience for which I thank them.

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