Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Secret #2

Hickman knows exactly how to grab his audiences attention, keep and leave them wanting so much more.  Along the way if you blink at the wrong time you’ll miss little pieces of the puzzle that are the characters motivations and personalities.  The characterization here really is second to none because it happens so subtly and quietly that you realize after the issue is done how much you’ve learned.
Okay I have to say that the flashback to when they were kids was incredibly powerful. 

Had I had a parent that A. was as connected B. was as mean and C. did what he did I guarantee I would have turned out differently.  The man scares me to the core I could only imagine having to have grown with him.
            All Behavior is Predictable
                        All Communication is Threat
Okay it’s too bad the woman who was at the shooting range is who she is, though even with what she gave him I am hoping we see more of her.  Any woman who is that kind of shot I’d like to learn more about.  More so we’ve learned quite a bit about his background today.
I’m also going to admit that there is something about Grant that is sexy.  He’s got swagger, confidence and sort of that rugged and unrefined look to him that is extremely appealing.  This is a credit to Ryan Bodenheim for being able to convey that with his skills here.
Well last issue we saw the ramifications of the guy in England when he got caught so what did we learn, don’t get caught.  The moral of the story and a little chat, update with the boss yeah okay cool things are going to heat up soon I cannot wait.
Alright so little brother was caught and now he’s back in Grant’s life and most likely under his protection and/or has to be his brother’s keeper for the time being.  Either way you look at it this series is going fast.  So much has happened in such a shot time and you don’t feel like the book has been rushed or that you’ve gotten information overload.  The man is truly a master storyteller and if this continues on this road it could very well be his newest masterpiece.

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