Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Planet of the Apes #15

When the lawgiver, the revered ape leader, was assassinated by a human the city collapsed into a bloody civil war that shattered the fragile peace between ape and human. That war has been raging for ten years.

Sully, the leader of the human resistance movement, no longer believes in peace as the answer and now fights back. In her effort to discover who is behind the abduction of her

beloved human son Julian (Sully’s biological son) Voice Alaya uncovers a corruption at the heart of the very society she holds dear.

The best of the best is here, each and every month when this book comes out it is without a doubt on top of my must read pile. The story is incredibly, it transcends the genre of science fiction and the writing itself, dialogue and all could rival and literary masterpiece today. Then we’ve got some of the most incredible art being done in comics today. The combination of the two really puts this book on a level that almost no one else can come close to touching.

This issue while trying to bring Julian to Sully they are captured by an Ape patrol who refuse to believe the boy is Alaya’s beloved son. In the end it doesn’t really matter because finally after ten long years Sully is reunited with her son Julian. It really is a shame that her “sister” Alaya named her child for her and raised her as her own to believe that Sully and her like are the enemy. Though in some ways it was natural I suppose.

Meanwhile things aren’t going so well for Alaya either. Nix finds a conspiracy and tries to warn her only to ultimately be too late. There is a coop happening for power and by the end of the issue Alaya is to be thrown into prison. Betrayal of the betrayer seems somewhat apropos does it not? Though sometimes you have to wonder how much is too much and when is it justified.

This really is some of the best writing around. The dialogue is beyond superb and the plot is amazingly fresh and relevant though set in a post apocalyptic world run by apes. I cannot rave enough about this series and just how good it really is and when it makes the best of the best of my list then you know it has to be good.

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