Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Dancer #2

Wow the unexpected hits just keep on coming here.  I’m a sucker for anything like this, an action, adventure, thriller story and this one has all the elements that made the Bourne Identity movies as successful as they were.  This story however has things that those didn’t, this one has those What The! moments in them that you never saw coming.
Poor Quinn has no idea what the heck is going on and Alan isn’t being exactly forthcoming either.

  I wonder what it would feel like to suddenly be swept up in something like this.  Sure it looks romantic in the movies but in real life I’m not so sure I’d enjoy it so much, unless I were the agent. 
Okay so his friend Fox hasn’t heard any chatter other than Alan’s job in Brazil which we saw open the first issue.  I wonder how many noticed what I didn’t at that time too?  It looked like a typical hit on someone but we learn here that it wasn’t and I missed it so bravo gentlemen now I have to say on my toes and really look at what’s in the books so I don’t miss something important again.
Apparently Alan is wanted back in and he hasn’t the foggiest what is going on.  Yeah but before he can do anything he needs to make sure Quinn is safe.  Now this girl is a Dancer, a Ballerina of all things and she isn’t accustomed to being treated like this and she’s strong willed and stubborn as much as she is sweet and pretty.  Probably all the reasons Alan fell for her to begin with.   Well she isn’t going to be waiting around anymore and calls the polizia.
Only when the Polizia come it isn’t them it’s the assassin who hopped into a cop car to listen to radio for the call she made.  Oh yeah he killed the cop in that car.  So when Alan returns from Dresden, Quinn is gone and the room yeah it’s a mess, she’s been kidnapped.
The chase is on here folks Alan has to find Quinn and save her.  However he’s caught and then the agency is involved and things will never be the same again.  The twists and turns here are out of left field and they are mind blowing.  Though we do see that his “handler” is his old friend Fox, amazing how things come around isn’t it.  
This is an amazing story so far and while it has all the common threads to a good action thriller it also has an air of almost science fiction in it to just send it over the edge and yet it’s still extremely believable.  Nathan is a very good and talented story teller and the fact I missed a major point last issue is due to not only his skill but to Nic’s as well.  These guys make a rockin’ team here and I hope that these stories continue.  If Alan’s story is done then maybe another mini-series in the genre later on would be absolutely delightful.

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