Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Dancer #2, Conan #5, Mind the Gap #2, The Strain #5

Dancer #2 –

Well, first issue was good and here, the plot twists are obvious. I kind of did not want to actually deal with the obvious clone factor…yes…clone factor. We have a retired assassin on the lam…from his younger clone…who lures him out of hiding by kidnapping his girl. It’s a bit clichéd and mish-mashed but somehow, Nathan Edmondson does well enough on the story to have me attached for the next issue. Nic Klein also gives me that Francavilla feel that I love with his visuals but unless there’s a grand deus ex machina in issue 3…I’ll be dropping.
It’s good but not that riveting with the revelations made in this issue.  (7/10)

Conan the Barbarian #5 –
Brian Wood keeps up the well-informed and tightly-knit pace of Conan’s story as he and Belit continue to deceive Argos to achieve their own means…how virtuous is yet to be revealed when it comes to this task. Ardent supporters of Wood would see he continues his fine exposition without any arbitrary machinations or woeful twists…it’s straightforward badass a quest. There will soon be a contemporary dynasty with Saga and a plethora of X-Men books under his name and I will look forward once a script is fleshed out that has the poise, endurance and stamina of this script. James Harren usurps Becky Cloonan and surpassing her prowess is no easy feat. Harren really and truly delivered an amazing work of art. With such a creative team…and apt substitutes…this book will live long and prosper. (10/10)

Mind the Gap #2 –
Buy this just cuz I am the first letter in the LETTERS page. Then someday when I get published, buy my own comics! Now..ahem…this issue continues to embark on Elle’s quest to avoid her comatose state and amnesiac travesties in order to find out who attempted to kill her. There are so many suspects without even trying hard…which makes this fun and fun. Jim McCann really does well and as a reader who’s new to him, I thoroughly enjoy this title. It’s pleasant in its undying mystery. There is a huge cast and a lot to follow which irks me sometimes but with this game of CLUE illustrated by Rodin Esquejo and colored by Sonia Oback, if you don’t like what you read…then you’d at least love the artistic endeavours you see. It’s glory in its beauty…and this issue has a boss Francavilla cover. There are enough reasons why you should be reading this book…so don’t hesitate…get to it! (9/10)
The Strain #5 –
Mike Huddlestone’s art is very elaborate here in the rough yet piercing fashion that illustrates nicely, a great horror story. There’s an enhanced eerie tale here done in recaps for a very pivotal origins to the story. The vampires are invading and David Lapham uses a subtle and secretive form of infiltration to keep his story pounding nicely. While this origins issue was most welcomed, there’s still a lack of action and pace in modern times. Something’s amiss on the fiery end of things and a change of pace is needed. Some more gore perhaps? The angst and anticipation has already been built and now, we need the payload…but it’s time to stop teasing and let’s get that money-shot issue. We know what’s cooking and Lapham needs to let the cat out the bag. The pace must be raised and unless this doesn’t happen soon, I can see it hindering readers’ attraction to the title. (7/10)

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