Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Kiss #1

I cannot believe I am about to say this but this looks pretty darn cool.  I unfortunately am old enough to remember the Kiss cartoon so to be honest I was somewhat intrigued and weary to take a peek at this book.  It’s Chicago in 1929 and prohibition is in full swing and organized crime is the name of the game.
Only things aren’t what they appear to be, mind you we really don’t see any of the Kiss members yet, I’ve only read ten pages mind you,

but we do see Gangsters with occult powers able to open portals to Hell.  Oh and dancer named She who kisses one on the cheek preparing him for a future confrontation.  On his face come the mask of one of the Kiss crew.  So somehow this will tie in with the guys and hopefully they will have to travel through time to combat this Boss who likes to literally send men to Hell.  I’ve got news this is a project to look for people. 
The writing is pretty damn good too.  Sometimes you forget that the CCO and Editor in Chief can spin mean yarn himself.  Shouldn’t be too surprised I mean he’s had a hand in many of the works I’ve enjoyed from IDW, Infestation chief among them.  His characterization in a short time while almost stereotypical Gangster is still fun and informative at the same time which creates unique characters.
Jamal’s art here is phenomenal as well.  I’m used to that though his work has always been impeccable. 
So for a ten page preview of issue one I’d say it is more than enough all around to make me want to pick up the first issue and see how it goes.  Who knew that thirty some odd years later I’d still be picking up and loving Kiss projects, thanks guys.

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