Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Rebel Blood #4

Rebel Blood has been one hell of a ride, there have been so many shocking twists and turns that I wasn’t quite sure how this Zombie thriller would end! Well Needless to say I enjoyed this final issue fully! Rossmo’s art and story with Link has been impeccable, making this book one of my favorite series I’ve read to date.

I have been a fan of Riley Rossmo’s art since I first encountered it in the incredible “Green Wake” and just like in that series his work on

“Rebel Blood” has ben a perfect extension of the script and story created by him and Alex Link. I love the messy lines and hectic movement between panels which work to play up the thriller/action/horror type sequences that make up this series. “Rebel Blood” has been presented in perfect form and I found myself eagerly waiting for each new issue, none more than this fourth and final in the series, largely in part to Rossmo’s art.

The story crafted by Link and Rossmo has been presented in one intense issue after the other, I really loved how fast the story moved all building up to this final issue. There is so much happening and I really felt frantic as I followed Chuck fighting through his seemingly undead loved ones and family. The build up to this final issue has been great and the shocking plot twist by Rossmo and Link was perfection, it really left me thinking about the issue and series long after I’d red it. I would suggest looking back over past issues for clues and thinking about what really happened, maybe things aren’t as cut and dry as we think even after this final issue.

This creative team has worked so well together and you can tell that both Link and Rossmo were involved in every aspect of this entire series from start to finish. The collaboration on story and art really made “Rebel Blood” special and not just another Zombie horror series. It’s graphic and is the most intense comic I’ve ever read and I enjoyed every page and panel. “Rebel Blood” was an amazing read and great series I’m truly excited to see what will come next from both of these creators.

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