Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Ragemoor #4

Ragemoor has been one of the most interesting, well produced comics I’ve read in a long time. The story has been very well conducted and the mysterious nature of the content paired with the gritty monster like quality of the art have played perfectly casting an old B-Movie kind of feel surrounding this mysterious tale. The conclusion of this book was anything if not shocking leaving me wanting more from both Strnad and Corben.

Strnad has accomplished a better realized fleshed out story in this four issue series than many writers do in fifty. The content has been engaging and unique and while some aspects could have seemed simply bizarre the story of this living monolith and it’s inhabitants was relatable and plausible. In each issue there has been a lot happening, but with Strnad’s writing the entire series played through without feeling muddled or convoluted. The entire four issues has been a joy to read and has kept the air of mystery until this final issue which ended perfectly.

Strnad’s writing is perfectly matched with Corben’s art. I really can’t imagine this series being as good if either had been changed. The dramatic style and old movie feel added a whole new level to this mysterious tale. Each panel was better than the last and in this issue Corben really brought his A-game. This final issue filled with shocking graphic scenes which perfectly compliment the story brought “Ragemoor” to a close like no other artist could have.

This series was a joy to read, I loved the art and the script. I feel that these creators really took a risk with “Ragemoor” as it isn’t a story that would initially appeal to the large number of “cape and mask” comic buyers, this is commendable. The result is a fully original and outstanding series that I believe everyone should read whether you’re a horror fan or not I believe you’ll enjoy this book.

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