Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Vampirella VS. Dracula #5

One of the first things you notice about this is the art is lovely. I do mean lovely it has this romantic feel to it and Vlad’s lover who waits for him is beautiful and the contrast between himself and her is striking. Still the romance associated with the time shows very nicely.

Its four hundred years later that Vampirella, who in that stands out worse than a whore in the red light district, arrives at the ancestral home of Vlad Dracul. The art here is darker more subdued, while still clean and crisp in its detail.

I like going back to seeing Elizabeth dying to save the man she loves, albeit she was tricked in my humble opinion. Then moving forward to seeing Vampirella, sleeping inside the castle, in just her bra and panties.

Now I don’t mind sensuality in comics but this is downright almost softcore fantasy porn. When Dracula’s concubine take turns feeding on her yeah that takes that image to a whole new level. Wow.

Dracula’s descendent who owns the castle is hosting Vampirella and he comes to her aid and helps slay these vampire concubines. Talk about star crossed lovers here he a mortal she a vampire and he a descendant of the worst vampire in recorded history, should that make her jealous or scared. It makes for a wonderful love/hate relationship and since both emotions are so darn close how does know when the line is crossed when you live forever.

Now I assumed wrong this is Dracula proper though he looks like a man of this era he is not. He moves at speeds no mortal can achieve on their own. Apparently there is a council of vampires who wish to have Vampirella succeed Dracula. See what happens when you discover something at issue five you lose a lot and have to go back and read the first four. Which by the way are worth just that, this fantastically written with dialogue that is exceptional. It has that romantic feel as well as romance itself.

Ooo and now in the present Dracula is going crazy because of his love for Vampirella he tried to kill her and in remembering that he is confusing those around him in the present. Wow this is complex and layered so greatly! Then it turns out that Vlads forces were defeated and skewered by Vampirella making the first page come full circle.

There is so much happening here that I hadn’t expected and couldn’t have imagined seeing. While I’ve never been big on Vampirella, it’s that skimpy ass costume of hers it turns me off quite honestly, this story has been everything classic literature portrays the vampire legend as and could hold it’s own with them. If you are a fan of either Vampire, or vampires in general then you should be reading this, trust when I say you’ll be a fan of this as well.

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