Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Alabaster: Wolves #3

“Alabaster Wolves” the post-apocalyptic journey of Dancy Flammarion continues as we follow her through her cleansing journey and battles with the supernatural. This issue followed suit with the previous and while the content is expected there is plenty in this issue to surprise.

The story by Caitlin Kiernan is really enjoyable and a pleasant mixture of many things. There is a balance in her style of writing that leaves me completely engaged in her writing.

Dancy’s journey has been dark and rough and this third issue uses events from her past showing how here journey truly follow through on destiny. This issue fleshes out the series and is a really good read and the writing has made me really anxious for the next two issues.
The artistic team on “Alabaster Wolves” is another great pairing in indie comics, Dark Horse has been doing a great job in this aspect for a long time, Steve Lieber and Rachelle Rosenberg really bring life to this abysmal world. The line work is messy and expressive which acts as an extension of the script and is a great visual representation of Kiernan’s words, but the colors by Rosenberg make this comic something to behold.
I love this series and the art is really a big part of that.

“Alabaster Wolves” has been a consistently good read, and if you’re a fan of supernatural horror this book is perfect for you. The book does have a heavy religious over-wash but it manages to use that content without being offensive or derogatory. With only two issues left I’m waiting with bated breath for the conclusion of this amazingly written and illustrated series, another hit from Dark Horse Comics.

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