Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: The Darkness #104

In order to save the world Jackie Estacado destroyed it and then rebuilt it. On the surface things appear the same but Jackie couldn’t resist making a few changes. Now the cracks in Jackie’s world are getting wider….

Mess with the devil and you might get burned is that a saying? If not well it sounds good and since Jackie messes with the Darkness it also sounds somewhat apropos. See because this is Jackie we’re talking about it this new reality is rapidly coming undone and he has no control over what is coming.

His wife is his childhood love, brought back to life, and they are raising the daughter he had with Sara bearer of the Witchblade. Sara is now in Chicago and out of the picture. Hope however cannot be rewritten so easily and now her entire arm is covered in something.

This world isn’t real and I cannot imagine the toll it is taking on him to maintain it. There will come a time when the old reality will reassert itself and when that happens I think Jackie could be left a vegetable for a while. Still the dichotomy here is incredible you’d think that without the Darkness he’d be more in control and instead he seems less and less in control. Then again I’ve always said that control is an illusion.

Hope is playing with kittens created out of Darkness after all. Jenny isn’t real, well I guess she is but she shouldn’t be. Those that keep Jackie in check are gone and his darkest fantasies are running rampant. The final scene of this issue with Jackie and Jenny making love just seems wrong and forced and well out of place even though this is exactly what he wants. Hope seems to know something is off but she’s a child and is having fun so we’ll see how long it lasts.

The art here is something else as well. The two men on the slab in the morgue love that we see a package on them. All too often it is just the boobs like on the last page. Even though it wasn’t defined the headless bodies spoke volumes. Still the art manages to convey a sense of dread and foreboding as well as a sense that things are going to get crazy.

This definitely is an interesting time to be reading the Darkness. Also a wonderful arc to jump on board with to try it out for the first time, the plot, story and dialogue all are pretty darn good and easy to follow.

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