Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Mind the Gap #2

This series is one of the better being written right now, it’s a mystery book of the “who dun it” variety! McCan has crafted a story around a young girl in a coma, Elle, who was attacked and put there by someone she knows, someone named in the first issue. The second continues directly after and plays off the possession in the last.

All I can say is woah, the twists and turns continue!

This series started out with quite the bang, and as comics go this has been quite a fun ride. I find myself checking and re-checking every page, every panel trying to get a lead on what exactly happened to Elle and who her attacker is. McCan’s writing keeps the reader in a sense of suspicious suspense, which is a good thing! The style and content keep the reader engaged and interested in the story. Looking for clues and examining evidence give “Mind the Gap” and interactive feel I’ve not experienced in other series, its amazing.

The art in this book is beautiful, the production is perfection in every panel. I really enjoyed Esquejo’s art on every page and it is perfectly complimented by Oback’s colors!

The way this story is told, every part is important! Everything is a clue so it is imperative that the colors and art are just as precise as the story! I feel this creative team really works well together and perfectly complement McCan’s story.

“Mind the Gap” has been a great surprise so far. The creative team is doing a lovely job at keeping this story interesting and while there is a lot of stuff happening they have done an even better job at keeping it from feeling muddled. With the interactive nature and original plot I really feel that it would be a shame for any comic reader to miss this series! I for one look forward to finding out who Elle’s attacker was and what the connection is between all these folks!

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