Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Grim Leaper #2

The continuing adventures of the repetitive dead lives, with each death our intrepid hero gets shoved into a new body. Last issue I thought this was interesting and with the second issue we get more of the same thing and it becomes repetitive and somewhat predictable and boring.

Okay, so the geek he jumped into this time turns out to be a serial killer that was different. Then in the next body he meets up with his potential lover and they steal a car and during that joy ride the both die again. Then he jumps into body that has a wife and he has sex. Okay big deal, now with each body he knows they are going to die so he lives his life the way he wants to with disregard for rules or anyone.

Yeah where is the twist or something extra that gives this some oomph? It is an idea with potential yeah but unfortunately we are delivered too much of the same thing and we don’t get anything else about the mysterious thing/person that puts them into their new bodies. There really wasn’t anything in this issue that makes me want to come back next issue for more and that is disappointing.

The back-up story? Yawn. Who thought these were good ideas? These are depressing, don’t make sense and are much worse than the old Romance comics from the sixties. At least those have a camp factor to make them fun these days but seriously these aren’t even harlequin worthy.

On a whole I would don’t waste your money on this it isn’t worth your time or effort and there are much better offerings out there.

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  1. Hey mate, sorry you didn't dig my back up story. I have to say, depressing was sort of the vibe I was going for, though, so thatnks for seeing that :)