Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Harbinger #1

Well its official folks Valiant is back and better than ever (yes I’m quoting my favourite morning TV show Mike and Mike)!  With their second series to hit the stands it is plainly clear they’ve hired some of the best talent in their fields today to tell some absolutely phenomenal stories. 
I’m familiar with Joshua’s work and I’ve always been a fan in the past and I’ll tell ya the present is no different. 

This story managed to blow me away.  I loved this series back in the day but for some reason seeing it start all over again has me excited.  There is something about getting in on the ground floor that usually makes me giddy with anticipation and while I still have some preconceived notions about the series I’m willing to try and let them go. 
The first thing I noticed about this book was how gorgeous the art was.  Seriously the opening scene where we are introduced to an 18yo Harada had this ancient feel to it with the most gorgeous and intricate detail in both the people and the backgrounds.  I cannot get over just how beautiful that was!   Sure the present day is just as detailed but it doesn’t that majesty the past does unfortunately and that is mainly due to the fact that “modern” society is a bit sterile.
The characterisation is beyond belief as well.  I mean there was so much information given in this one issue that I felt as I had read the equivalent to three issues.  Miraculously enough you didn’t even feel like all that was crammed in there too.  So much background information on the characters was revealed as well personality traits and old grudges were exposed.
Not only did we get that but then while there was really no true action it was set up for next issue.  Plus we were treated to most layered and intricate pacing, plotting and development I’ve had the privileged to read. 
I can’t decide if Harada is the good guy or going to be using Peter for his talents regardless that they both possess them.  Peter’s friend Joe led his old Dr. Dr. Tull to him through sheer ignorance of his situation, his best friend is diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder with schizophrenic tendencies so you can’t really blame him.
Okay there is so much going on here that I could spoil a lot of things.  I won’t of course but wow I can’t believe just how good this was.  This series does make me think of a few cliché’s such as, absolute power corrupts absolutely and control is an illusion, both of which apply to Harada Toyo.  His empire has been built and he has his own secret agenda including Peter which smacks of mistrust to me.  I’m weary of his reasoning but until we learn more we keep that in the back of the mind.
The whole thing is we are left wanting to know more.  With everything that has been given to us it’s still not enough.  That is the amazing part.  The story and art are so good here that if I had a five star rating this would be it.

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