Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #14

Fist things first: there seems to be quite a few people involved in the visual side of things here. Since I only have a ten page preview to work with I’ll have to wait and see if there are any adverse effects to having such a large team or if it all flows together seamlessly.

I do like that we open with Zartan talking to Cobra Commander while he’s going off about how is it that someone would know who he is. Ah no matter how in control, and remember control is an illusion, one thinks they are someone will come along to shake your confidence.

When dealing with Cobra however you have to ask yourself just how valuable an asset are you and how long can you keep yourself invaluable. Sooner or later you will find that you are replaceable if you aren’t careful. For now the Commander thinks he has his uses which is interesting to see.

Even more interesting is the fact that we still haven’t seen Snake’s face. Even in practice with this woman he’s cloaked in shadow and all we get is that he is now bald. Though we do see him as a child, a youth where he is learning to become a Ninja, no matter how much more heart he has then he should.

This rivalry that never seems to end with Snake and Storm stems for something akin to sibling rivalry. One brother is loved better and the other becomes bitter, enraged and tries to do everything in his power to discredit the other. How long till their mutual goal has been completed and Storm Shadow is once again thinking of ways to get rid of Snake Eyes?

See all this from ten pages, what will you get from this story, read it and tell me. We will have a round robin discussion on the many layered meanings in the story.

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