Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Walking Dead #97

Rick and his away team finally return to home base. The events are in motion that I’m sure will once again change the game entirely for The Walking Dead. For me the entire community just seems a little to sure and secure with their place and the decisions they’re making, it all seems just a little too naive and Rick Grimes happens to be the worst. The issue opens with the survivors at Rick’s camp, and gives a little perspective on the happenings since Rick and his crew took off with Jesus. Soon Rick returns and sets motion on their plan to start what seems a lot like war.

I was entertained with the writing in the issue and it really shows how sharp Kirkman must be, he really doesn’t miss anything. There are links to previous stories and new developments keeping the reader in touch and entertained. I’m finding the characterization of Rick a little crass and it almost seems like Michonne and Andrea are paying the rolls of his dual conscience, even if he is ignoring them. I like how the story has progressed and I think that big things are once again about to happen for Rick, Kirkman really does like tearing him down off that pedestal.

The issue’s art is on par with the story. Not a whole lot happens within the first few pages, but Adlard has a great way of conveying emotion within a very short time. Often within just two panels you can get a sense of where a character fits in the story and how they feel about the events. There are also great action scenes and some gory deaths to keep us entertained both of which Adlard does flawlessly. Also the cover is great, it’s dynamic and really shows the story is going in a new direction.

Walking Dead is one of my favorite comics, I’ve just started reading it last year, but I already care just as much about these characters as I do about some I’ve read my whole life. The nightmare that is the world Kirkman created is perfectly conveyed within the pages with just the right amount of character development and horror. If you’re not reading this series you certainly should be, it is truly unique within the “zombie” genre. I would certainly recommend adding “The Walking Dead” to your pull list, this issue was very good.

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