Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Artfacts #17

I have to say that if you aren’t familiar with the Witchblade/Darkness Universe but you’ve always been curious then this is the issue to pick up.  While yes this is part four of a new arc it really is the perfect jumping on point.  I say this because the first page has everything you need to catch up to where we are.  Nice and concise easy to follow and gorgeously rendered. It leads you right up to this issue where the fun really happens.  We get a small battle with Ex-Priest Tom and the Darkness, Jackie and Dani witness’ it.  Now Dani has taken Sara’s place for now as NYPD Detective, though no one seems to possess the Witchblade at this point in time. 

Oh have I mentioned that somehow Jackie was able to remake the Universe as he saw fit.  Giving himself the ultimate power in the process without a Yin to his Yang.  So now Tom is out to make things right again.  Sigh I have to say that the characterization the pacing the plot and its advancement all are being done in such a way that it is almost mesmerizing. 
I have to say that so far the characters seem to be gravitating towards each other.  By that I mean with the exception of Sara they all seem to exist in this new Universe and they are finding each other.  Finch and Dani have met now and well Hope knows on some level that this isn’t real either. 
Ron Marz has taken everything there is to love from the Top Cow Universe and managed to weave it into one ongoing tale in this book.  While I am eagerly awaiting the appearance of Sara that can take its own sweet time as what we are getting is incredible fun to say the least!   
There are plenty of twist and turns for older readers and new readers while they will be able to sense what isn’t right will have absolutely no trouble following the story so far.  It takes a ton of talent to be able to reduce and entire universe into a single book but Ron Marz has that kind of talent people.  Speaking of talent Stjepan Sejic’s work on the interiors is a thing of beauty.  I tend to be more of a fan of old school work but here you know it’s digitally done but the way he does it leaves me in awe. 
Seriously if you’ve wondered what it is about the Witchblade or the Darkness that has created a very loyal fanbase then this is where you start.  It has everything you need to enjoy the characters and find a side to cheer for. 

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