Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Morning Glories #19

One of the best issues of Morning Glories hands down. I’ve been completely into the latest story arc “P.E.” This issue follows Jun and fills in the gaps a bit on what happened with him after his brother’s departure into Morning Glory Academy.

The art as always is full of expression and engaging. I feel Eisma has been doing his best work on this series and that this issue is certainly on point.

Within the issue there are a lot of emotional things going on and Eisma has done a lovely job of conveying this without being overt. Like previous issues in this storyline there are shifts between present and past and I think Eisma’s art helps keep the reader grounded and focused on whats important within the pages. Clean lines and dynamic expressive characters are becoming Eisma’s forte.

Spencer has taken us on a wild ride within the past couple of issues and I have been waiting to get a little insight into Jun and his world after his switch with his brother. The issue plays out perfectly giving us just the right amount of backstory while tying to the current events perfectly. I would say that this has been Spencer’s best work on “Morning Glories” I really can’t wait to see how it all comes together with the next issue.

There is a reason “Morning Glories” has been my favorite comic since issue one. Eisma and Spencer have an unwavering way of telling a story, they haven’t missed a beat. Just as you think you have a grip on the events unfolding you learn something new and the story changes. I’ve been appreciative of the respect this team has for their reader and I think if you haven’t checked out “Morning Glories” yet you certainly should. With “P.E.” coming to a close this has been the perfect penultimate issue, check out “Morning Glories” 19.

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