Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Manhattan Projects #3

This comic looks at the Manhattan Project . For those who don't know their history the Manhattan Project was a research and development project by the US government in the 1940s that produced the first atomic bomb. It follows all the people involved in the project but with a twist, to say the least this comic is pretty out there! it may be using real names but this comic is certainly not historically accurate!

In this issue questions of leadership arise and when your considering that involves atomic bombs thats pretty serious, additionally this issue shows the creation of the worlds first Artificial Intelligence in methods that some might find extremely controversial! The Art in this issue is quite psychedelic and matches the tone of the comic perfectly. 

I wouldn't say this comic is for everyone and not just because its a bit out there for your average comic reader but a lot of the references would just go over your head and the significance may be lost, but if your a history buff or want an intelligent read then this is perfect.

Still living up to the potential. It seems that this comic always has a surprise up it's sleeve. We have been introduced to a rather quirky cast of characters almost Morrisonesque in their weirdness. And now, another player has been added to that piece. It has a rather unique, if not skewered take on reality. I think this comic wouldn't be as interesting if it's not Jeff Parker whose handling the reins. So far, the execution has not faltered and I pray that it continues to run like so, and never run out of steam.

Artwise, the book is able to keep in step  as Parker ramps up the weirdness factor. This title started out where everyone was saying that it is a Morisson and Quitely clone. But now, I think that it had evolved into an identity of its own.

My only real problem with this comic is with the full page spreads that features quotes from characters that might still appear on the series. I think, it could have been utilized more for story content. It seems like a rather Bendis-like Marvel maneuver. But even so, it doesn't really take that much away from the quality of the comic.

History proceeds as we know it in the real world this issue. (Although with subtle changes that make sense enough to believe as a reader) And the events within are MAJOR in scale. I cannot wait for what happens next. And knowing Mr Parker and co, I'm sure there's a surprise in store for us in the following issue.

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